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Why EMR and Paperless Office?

Objective #1 – Backup for restoring patient data: As you know, the main advantages with Paperless Office System, POS include immediate and full recovery of charts in case of disaster (fire, floods etc). As the backup can be taken on daily basis and stored elsewhere, restoration of total patient data is very easy.

Objective # 2 - Facility to view the charts from anywhere.
Objective #3 – Reduce Overhead by saving physical and human resources

Physical resources include chart materials, chart storage. Since there are no paper charts, there is minimal or no requirement of chart material, paper, printing, toner etc.

All the chart pulling, chart searching, document filing, chart replacing, printing and scanning time is saved. This reduces the requirement of manpower. As the EMR eliminates the requirement of transcription by 50-75%, the transcription costs will get lowered at least by 50-75%.

As Communication inefficiencies, e.g., phone tag are reduced, there will be substantial saving in the manpower spent for this activity.

The secret behind our strength lies in:
Our team, consisting of Medical Transcription professionals lead by Medical and English professionals, Medical Billing professionals lead by Project Heads and Domain Experts who possess considerable expertise in the Healthcare BPO space. Our workforce as depicted in the graphs is mainly composed of young qualified graduates, with relevant experience in transcription, processing and calling. These young, capable and enthusiastic team is led by Team Leaders who have over 7 years of Healthcare Transcription and Billing experience.

Objective #4 – Revenue Increase:
Industry research indicates that inaccurate coding often causes lost revenues ranging from 3% to 15% of a practice's annual revenue. EMR can improve the accuracy and documentation for coding. This will reduce the denials resulting in increase of revenue.

Service Volume Increase with Health Maintenance Reminders.

Adopting an EMR system also provides a powerful tool to help maximize the number of services offered for health maintenance. EMR systems often allow practices to search for all patients who are overdue for recommended services, or who are coming up on their annual check-ups. As a result, offices can send timely reminder letters to ensure better patient care while at the same time increasing service volume and revenue.

Increase Physician Productivity

With EMR, many physicians are able to see more patients in a day. As a result, practices are able to generate more revenue with the same fixed costs in the same amount of time. As the charts can be seen and documents can be signed electronically from a different office, home or hospital, the physician’s efficiency increases resulting in better revenues.

Objective #5 – Improve Patient Care in several ways because of the increased chart quality. All notes, documentation and prescriptions are perfectly legible in electronic form. EMR ensures accuracy as you select medications from a drug database. Any prescriptions are automatically updated in the patient's chart note.

Requirements to convert a facility into a paperless office:
Hardware installation, which includes:
  Data server
  Terminal in your back-office
  High speed scanner
  Fixed/portable terminals in the examination rooms
Networking of above
Installation of the software
Training the staff
Scanning of all the patient charts
Re-filing the scanned charts
Consultancy for EMR & POS:
Why Precise E-Services to implement EMR and Paperless Office system?
Complete practice will be converted into paperless office within 30 days, without disturbing your regular work.
We will implement and execute the total project personally. Hence all your time is saved for your actual patient care.
Very little initial investment.
Laborious process of converting the old charts into electronic charts is taken care by us.
Daily re-filing is done within 24 hours of scanning. Our experienced staff will be able to re-file correctly so that each chart can be pulled and viewed easily.
Very economical.
You will have round the clock support from us for any assistance or support you require including a physician at no additional cost.
Our billing service includes correct coding, verification of claims generated by the EMR, processing the secondary claims, re-processing of denied claims, maintaining the ledgers etc. Less percentage is charged for expensive services provided by you.
-Precise E-Services is 5 years old providing total back-office services to physician offices.

-In the process of serving more than 120 clients, Precise E-Services acquired knowledge and proficiency in this subject.

-In the process of working with different software for different clients, Precise E-Services through knowledge of different software available in the market.

-Client need not bind to the software suggested by us. They can choose any software as per their requirement and budget. Precise E-Services will take up the implementation of it.

-Physician need not waste his valuable time in understanding and choosing the correct software.

-As Precise E-Services handles the total project implementation without disturbing the client’s daily activity, neither the physician nor his staff needs to spend time.

-Precise E-Services at less than 50% of the cost provides manpower required for the implementation as well as maintenance of the system resulting substantial saving of money for, during and after implementing of EMR and Paperless office.
Scope of our service:
We will:
Depute our Manager level executive to your office to implement the project for the required number of days for free of cost / at a nominal charge.
Assist you in purchasing the server, scanner, and systems for patient examination rooms.
Complete the networking for free of cost (excluding cabling).
Assist you in purchasing the required software. Please note that we have researched more than 100 different software and short-listed few of them, which are very cost effective (ranging between $6-9000).
Install the software for free of cost.
Train your staff for free of cost.
Create the patient database in the system for free of cost.
Scan all the old charts on chargeable basis.
Re-file all the old charts on chargeable basis.
Once all the charts are filed into the system, your staff will be scanning all the current documents on a daily basis, which should not take more than 5-10 minutes per physician.
We will be re-filing current documents on a daily basis by logging into the system remotely.
We will be providing the billing service as well as transcription services (documents that can not be generated by the EMR like letters, part of the Assessment and Plant etc).
Basic requirements in your facility:
Place to set up the server.
High speed internet connection, not less than 256 kpbs, with static IP addresses.
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