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Medical Transcription
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Should you consider outsourcing?

Our experience has shown that when current in-house transcription and billing costs are fully burdened, to include the costs of recruiting, employing, training, coordination and management, real cost per line of transcription and per dollar of collection at least doubles.

Besides reducing your actual annual spending for transcription and billing, outsourcing greatly reduces the burden of maintaining the staff.

Why should you consider Precise E-Services?
We offer the full range of services required by a medical facility.
Most competitive price.
Best quality of work.
HIPAA compliance. Maintenance of high security and confidentiality.
Service on 24/7/365 basis. We never close!!!!.
Advantages with our Transcription service:
Turn-around-time that suits the requirement. The files are returned to the originator anytime between 4-24 hours depending on the specifications
Highly accurate legible transcriptions that supports your risk management initiatives and reduces malpractice.
Convenient, flexible, and physician-friendly dictation facilities.
Nonobligatory, free trial service.
Advantages with our Coding & Billing Service:
Accounts are maintained in your office: We access your/client server remotely and work. Hence you will have full control on your accounts.
No paper to be sent to us physically: Just fax/scan the papers to be sent to us. Hence all the originals will remain with you.
Faster realization of claims, as they are submitted the next day of service.
Zero denials will be targeted within 30 days.
Better revenues with proper coding and billing.
Most economical.
We accept percentage on collection or man-hour basis.
Advantages with our EMR and POS implementation service:
The client can have the freedom to choose any software of their choice. We take up only the implementation of it.
With our vast experience with more than 350 physicians for the past 7 years in transcription and billing, we can understand the requirements of physician very well. With this knowledge we have researched many of the software available and hence give a most cost effective suggestions.
Physician need not waste his valuable time in understanding and choosing the correct software.
As we take-up the total project implementation without disturbing the client’s daily activity, neither the physician nor his staff needs to spend time.
We, at less than 50% of the cost provide manpower required for the implementation as well as maintenance of the system resulting substantial saving of money for, during and after implementation of EMR and Paperless office.
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