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Medical Transcription
Medical Billing & Coding
Revenue Recovery
Insurance Verification & Authorization
Patient Schedule Confirmation
Scanning, Indexing and Refiling

Schedule Confirmation & Other Back-office Services

Patient Schedule Confirmation:
Though it is a call to remind the patient about the scheduled appointment, our experienced agents will talk to each patient according to the age and nature of problem so that the patient feels assured.

We call the patient 48 hours prior to the appointment. If the patient is not available, we leave voice message and call again 24 hours before the appointment.

We call the third time also if the patient is unavailable.
Authorization and Insurance verification
We will take-up the whole authorization process. We take authorizations and we do verification of benefits from the insurance companies and referrals from PCP's on your behalf.
Re-filing of documents in EMR & POS
We will take up the refilling of documents in a Paperless Office System. You can scan all the documents in to a single folder and we sort them and re-file and index them in to the respective patient/type/date folder.
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